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Michael studied art and then architecture as an undergraduate at Montana State University where he received a bachelor of Architecture and then a master’s degree. The hours in the print making studio evolved into hours in the architecture studio and then eventually evolved into an architecture practice for 30 years.  But during this time designing buildings, he kept drawing, running prints and working with various art media being driven by these means of a more personal expression.

Currently Michael runs Beaman Architecture Ltd. and oversees MLBeaman, an artist studio, located in Portland, Oregon.  This is what he has to say about his work:

“There is a passage from “An American Childhood” by Annie Dillard that has haunted me since I first read it in 1987:

“When everything else has gone from my brain-the President's name, the state capitals, the neighborhoods where I lived, and then my own name and what it was on earth I sought, and then at length the faces of my friends, and finally the faces of my family-when all this has dissolved, what will be left, I believe, is topology: the dreaming memory of land as it lay this way and that.

I will see the city poured rolling down the mountain val­leys like slag, and see the city lights sprinkled and curved around the hills' curves, rows of bonfires winding. At sunset a red light like housefires shines from the narrow hillside windows; the houses' bricks burn like glowing coals.”

Having designed buildings for the better part of my life, I am drawn to the statement, “the dreaming memory of land” and ultimately, man’s place in it.  There is a certain phenomenon of existence that goes along with this implied juxtaposition, of which, I have always been fascinated.  This is the motor that drives my artistic views; transcendence and connection.”

To see some of his Architectural work, please refer to the following link:

ML Beaman
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